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About Happyfrench

Learn French in our French after School Clubs Eastbourne, Bexley

At Happy French we learn French in our after school French clubs in Eastbourne and Bexley Borough which are fun and educational with a better progression of learning skills.

In Joining our educational, affordable after school French Clubs, your child will learn good basics with a Native French speaker from the beginning.

Young children are so receptive and their minds are like sponges and it is the best time for them to learn a new language.  Learning French in our French after school Club or in a class at a young age helps children to develop cognitive and social skills, together with a sense of self-confidence that will carry them through into later stages of their education, and right into their adult life.

Miss Leudiere a Qualified Linguist and qualified to teach a Foreign Language to the under 11’s, She has developed a way of teaching children that enables them to express themselves in French very quickly.

She is one of the pioneers in teaching French to Primary School children in the UK and London since 1993. Her experience of teaching French to thousands of children in 22 years  with over 60 French After School Clubs has been very rewarding. For best assimilation of a new language, the use games, songs, role-play and activities allow children to assimilate the new language in the same way they learnt English. The more children hear sounds from a Native French Speaker when they are young, the easier it is for them to repeat the sounds and acquire a good accent.

Learning French in a mixed ability class has its limitation, and just like English and Maths and it is important to have good basics from the beginning. Consolidating basics  with a Native French speaker is primordial for a successful assimilation of the French language

For all enquiries Miss Leudiere will be your main contact and she will be able to assess your child’s level and ability in the language and find them the most appropriate group. You will also be able to speak with her throughout their learning


The Happy French course has been developed according to the government QCA guidelines.

  • French language clubs for children 3 to 11 years old of no more than 15 children around Bexley Bromley Dartford and Lewisham Borough and in Eastbourne, East Sussex since 2016 In Primary schools or at your home   if you have a group of children already
  • Price: £74 per 10 weeks module or £7.20 per child/60 mins /week
  • One to one tuition for children
  • Price: £25 an hour per child
  • Price: GCSE £25 an hour- £28 during Diploma year
  • Price A Levels: £35 an hour


  • Miss Leudiere has extensive experience in PPA Cover and can deliver French in line with the national curriculum for both key stage 1 & 2.
  • Qualified to take language lessons within primary schools CRB Enhanced Checked
  • Able to teacher up to 36 children without the presence of a class teacher or teaching assistant
  • Excellent at conveying creative teaching ideas to children on a whole class basis
  • Able to make lessons fun as well as structured in order to meet national curriculum standards
  • Miss Leudiere is a native French speaker fluent in spoken and written French to Degree level and qualified to take language lessons within primary schools.
  • MFL French 
  • Prices:
  • MFL French Full day PPA cover for KS1/KS2         £130
  • Half day PPA cover for KS1/KS2                               £  75
  • We aim to give every child the confidence to express themselves and most importantly we make it FUN!