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 Week of the 6/10/14

Reviewing colours , spelling of colours in French and describing school objects in my school bag.

Here is a drag and drop game on colours.



Week of the 29/9/14

A fun game of snap on School objects.

This week, we are reviewing numbers.

In this game, drag the numbers up and down and place them in order.

A worksheet to download

Nos in French 0-20

and a song to revise no’s 0-10.

A song to revise no 0-20

 Greetings in French

This week we are reviewing greetings.
When we meet people in general and people we do not know we say “Bonjour“. with friends and family we say ” Salut“.

Salut can be used to say hello and goodbye to friends and family.
or simply say ” Au Revoir ” when you wave goodbye to someone.

Comment ça va? “means How are you?
When we feel great we say ” ça va bien
When we feel unwell we say “ça va mal”
When we feel so so , we say ” Comme ci comme ça

Greetings in French Worksheet to download.1

That’s it for today:)

Au revoir, Salut!